So This is My New Portfolio Site!

It’s been a long time coming but at long last I’ve actually got around to redesigning Web Design by Chloe and you’re looking at the results!

The old site and logo had looked outdated for a while and had definitely served their purpose – my business and client list have grown a lot in the time since the old design was launched. The old site was made using a theme from (right around the time I’d just discovered WordPress!) and because I’d had to hack the theme to get it to work the way I wanted it to, it certainly WAS NOT easy to update and so I very rarely added anything to it. I knew it was time to move on and designing a new site has been something I’ve been thinking about for over a year but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for me), I’ve been so busy with paid work and general life type things that until now it’s tended to stay as just another item on my very long to-do list.

Web Design by Chloe - 2010 Stylee

Web Design by Chloe – 2010 Stylee

Every now and then I would have a go at some designs and I can’t tell you how many versions I’ve started and scrapped half way through because they weren’t “quite right” (i.e. after looking at the design for a week I hated it), but eventually I’ve landed on a design that I’m pretty pleased with and I’ve been able to take advantage of a lull in client work to get my head down and make it happen.

The Logo

I’ve never really loved the name Web Design by Chloe. I started using it for a bit of a joke when I first started getting a few clients and somehow over the last few years it’s just stuck. I always planned to change it at some point, but during the time I’ve been using the name it’s grown on me and this time round I had to make a decision whether to ditch it or embrace it and I chose the latter. The new logo feels fresher, more modern and much more “me”.

Work & About Me Pages

I’ve also got a snazzy new portfolio page to showcase some of the projects I’ve worked on recently and an “About Me” page for the first time ever (eeek!). I’ve used the Quicksand jQuery plugin on the portfolio page for the filter and shuffling effect and a nice little plugin called Last FM Records to show off my recently played music on the about page.


I’ve also had a chance to experiment a little bit with some responsive techniques (although I’d call the site adaptive more than responsive). I used the principles (and some elements) of Andy Clarke’s 320 and Up starting with small screens first which was definitely a learning experience! The whole thing is powered by a pretty basic WordPress installation with a couple of custom post types thrown in for good measure.

So this is it and I couldn’t be happier that I now have a site I can be proud of to showcase some of the work I’ve done recently. I hope you’ll have a look around and maybe even leave a comment if you have any kind of feelings about it!

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